Urban Survival & Unconventional Entries class!

Urban Survival course – Pickens SC – June 24th 2017!

Our June 24th, 2017 Urban Survival Course is open for enrollment in Pickens SC! At the time of this writing we have 5 spots left out of a small class of 8 students! What to expect? Read on.

Topics Covered:

Our Pickens SC class is scheduled to be about an eight hour day. Students will show up and have a student packet waiting for them with some written material, new take-home lock pick sets, makeshift items to turn into lock picks and more. There will also be a wealth of working locks to be accessed by students and specialized training locks to give students a glimpse at what exactly is going on inside of the locks we will be working on. We will be placing each other into several different types of restraints ranging from different types of handcuffs as well as zip ties, flex cuffs, duct tape, and more. There will also be a vehicle entry portion of the course that is always a big hit with my students.


Benefits of attending:

  1. You now save your TIME by not having to wait for backup keys or a Locksmith. (If you have your tools, or have access to make your own makeshift tools).
  2. You don’t get raped overpaying a Locksmith, after they take their time and show up and do 30 seconds of work for you.
  3. You are now more SELF RELIANT. Damn, I gotta tell ya, that feels good.
  4. You will IMMEDIATELY learn to see through the illusion of security. Have fun on the rest of your trip down the rabbit hole, Alice 😉 Or if you prefer; enjoy your Red Pill, Neo 😉
  5. You can conduct a much better home security audit for yourself, free.
  6. You learn to make several of your own makeshift tools for different types of locks.
  7. You receive your own high quality lock pick sets to keep.
  8. You can now teach and/or help your family and your community.
  9. You will acquire skills to escape several different types of restraints (For escaping illegal restraint).
  10. You now have a skill set that makes you more marketable at your job, really who wants to fire the guy that always helps people get into their own locked cars and offices (fyi with great power comes great responsibility).
  11. Believe me, there’s more.
  12. Oh! It might save your, or someone elses life. And more. 🙂

Podcast Fan?

TheSurvivalPodcast with Jack Spirko

A fantastic podcast with TONS of life changing content!

If you head over to www.TheSurvivalPodcast.com or if you use a good podcast app you can find “episode #1987 Urban Survival” that I was recently featured on. It’s a long one but I talk a little bit about this course that I taught to some of my military and law enforcement coworkers and teammates that were on my last military deployment with me. If you don’t know I’ve been teaching this course for somewhere around 6 years ish or so, always updating it, but have been teaching those that I work with so that we could all be well prepared. I just recently made the decision to start this website and to open up my course to public enrollment. Check out the podcast episode if you want a little more about me and my views and my teaching.


Course Location:

Pickens Rescue 7

122 Ann St.

Picens SC 29671


200$ pre paid. Will provide payment info upon securing admission.

How to sign up:

Visit our contact us page and provide your Name, Phone Number and Date of Birth, and let me know you’re signing up for the Pickens SC course.

Any Questions:

Visit our contact us page and ask away.

-Keep training, stay sharp.




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