Vehicle Cover Shooting Drill

Vehicle Cover Position Drill

While this drill is aimed at ANYONE that in tactical preparedness my training in this field started when my father asked me once, during one of our impromptu Police Mindset talks, “What is the biggest most versitile powerful weapon you have on duty?” I recall me answering quickly thanks to all the books I read “Your brain!” Yeahhh! …right?

“Besides that” was his response.

After a little back and forth he guided me towards what he was looking for “Your vehicle”.

I sat and learned that there were case studies where an officer was facing a very iminent threat and somehow ended up getting injured or dying and not thinking to use his vehicle as a weapon (I prefer the term tool so that’s what we’ll use from now on).

Forward, Backwards, Left, Right, Slow, Fast, Headlights, Hazard Lights, Blue Lights, Speaker, Siren, GPS, Computer, Air Condition, Medical Kit, Patrol Rifles and Shotgun, Latex Gloves, Cover / Concealment, ramming power, the list continues. …basically your patrol vehicle (and personal civilian vehicles) often serve as our lifelines.

The Drill

The flow usually starts as you see in the video above:

  • Stay low, shoot around front bumper.
  • Crouching / kneeling over hood.
  • Through front windows.
  • Through back windows.
  • Over Trunk.
  • Stay low, shoot around rear bumper.
  • Shoot under car on left hip.
  • Soot under car on right hip.

That’s the basics. As always, be a fucking adult please. Take responsibility for your own actions and if you end up shooting your vehicle on accident don’t blame me. And make sure your windows are down, make EXTRA sure!

The fun starts happening when you have a moderate grasp on each bullet point above. Some ideas:

  • inserting mag changes in interesting places
  • dummy rounds for malfunction drills
  • low light
  • with a flashlight
  • one handed L/R
  • mixing up the order of position changes
  • having a coach call out your positions
  • rifle and pistol transitions

The Background

I am not as sharp as I used to be, I’m sure YouTube will be full of arm chair quarterbacks and that’s fine with me. This recording is my first take at this drill in quite a while so you can see my small fidgets and my decision making taking place between shots. Anyone can edit a monkey doing this drill and make them look like Jason Bourne. The learning takes place when you work through your problems. Feel free to comment and subscribe on YouTube and our website here if you found value in today’s article and video.



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