Vehicle Gun Mount Magnet Review

Vehicle Gun Mount Magnet Review

I ordered this on amazon from “Keeper”.

You have been lied to. This thing looks SUPER cool in little montage ads on Instagram and Facebook. In my opinion, read below.


Not too many.


(Photos below, and more cons in the video above)

Instructions. Let’s zoom in for the first lie…

“Not for use with loaded firearms or quick draw use”

So explain to me again what I keep seeing over and over in these magnetic gun mount videos?

Another (kinda) lie:

“Mounts Anywhere”?

“Included screws are four self-tappingĀ sheet metal screws. For drywall and brick use appropriate plugs.” Okay, so it “mounts anywhere” but it only comes with sheetmetal screws and you have to use plugs if you mount into drywall or brick… and who the fuck wants to mount this into brick?

So I had to take a trip to the local hardware store to buy different screws that were shorter so that I did’t over penetrate into something in my vehicle that I didn’t want to hit, and I used a tighter thread on my screws for the plastic to grab in my vehicle.

Installation wasn’t too difficult but it did require me to make that trip to the hardware store to buy different screws.

When you buy your correct type of screws make sure they sink below the level of the magnet mount so that they don’t protrude up and scratch your gun.

Not recommended.

Yes, it is a slim profile. But that does not even make it into the Pro column because I am so sick of companies lying to their customers that this product gets Zero “Pros”.

Slim. And Sucky.


I am happy to buy shit like this to try out so that my audience doesn’t have to waste their time and money and I’m happy to let you know when you’ve been lied to. If you found any value in today’s article please Subscribe (Here).




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