Victor In The Rubble – Review

Victor In The Rubble – Review

Reviewed. Honestly.

One of the things I love about this website NOT being owned or operated by a bureaucracy is that I get to be COMPLETELY honest and not give a fuck about how my content is presented.

Today’s Tactical Book Club review is a fucking TOTALLY awesome book that I am jealous of and wish I had written first. With a few things I didn’t like. Come see why in our video 😉

I read my digital books day and night and on several different platforms like my tablet and my phone. And I take a lot of active notes. Check out our photos below for a look into the book. Random excerpts, not in any particular order.



This really fucking happens in real life. I swear to your God…. So sad.


Things like THIS also happen in real fucking life. I love this book!


A principle that goes with EVERY bureaucracy “It’s Someone Else’s Problem…”


Pournell’s Iron Law again in full swing. I have seen this with my own eyes OVER AND OVER. Must be nice being able to wear Hawaiian shirts on Friday. Know who DOESN’T get that perk? The PEOPLE DOING THE FUCKING MISSION!


On military deployments I have been prevented from telling my family where I was and where I was going just to arrive overseas and learn that the fucking TAXI DRIVERS have known for weeks that we were arriving…


No Better Example… #truestory


I have LONG rant on this that will be on a future podcast 😉

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