Warded Padlocks

Warded Padlocks

What is a warded padlock?

The third most common type of lock (not saying much) you man run into is a warded lock. Today they are most commonly found as cheap padlocks and sometimes in very old homes.

What is it?

Courtesy of Lock-Lab.com

Basically it has a slit to stick your key into that activates a simple spring within the lock when you turn it. It has a few chamber walls or cut-outs that would otherwise prohibit a flat smooth key from activating the spring that holds the latch shut.

You can see the one integral component you have to manipulate in deep within the lock. -Courtesy of PinTumbler.org

It will either have an outward pushing bubble type surface with a slit in it, sometimes it freely rotates like in my video above. Or it will have the zigzag entry shown below.

Warded Padlock keyway. Significantly different than a standard pin tumbler key way.

Pin Tumbler key way on the left. Warded Padlock key way on the right. You can even see the quality differences on the key way.


Standard Pin Tumbler tools like a Tension Wrench and a Rake are not your best option for a standard inexpensive Warded Padlock. Instead try a set of these 5 Warded Padlock Picks. You basically go key by key and fucking shove it in and twist it until it opens; a little jiggling around is encouraged. These are SCARY un-secure.

Here you can see the difference between the key way, the key, and the recommended tools required. Pin Tumbler lock on the left, Warded lock on the right.


Know them by their keyway. Keep some warded picks handy. And DO NOT USE THESE LOCKS!

Have fun, stay safe, stay legal. And check out our new podcast!



In my 2nd Line Gear Bag I keep in my top front pocket:

-Sparrows Auto Jigglers set (Coffin Keys, 13 of them).

-Generic Auto Jiggler set.

-Sparrows Rockout Keys (Auto Jiggler abbreviated set).

-Standard 5 key bump key set.

-5 key bump key expansion set.

-Small common bypass tools like hairpins, hair berets, quick sticks, EZ Decoders, bobby pins, handcuff key.

Warded picks, Generic Jigglers, Sparrows Coffin keys, Sparrows Rockout Keys, 2x sets of Bump Keys, Small Stuff.

And if you look closely you’ll see in the bottom of the pouch, messy and barely visible, is my SparrowsLockPicks Coffin Key set. They come on a small dog-tag type chain which constantly comes unsecured allowing all 13 of the jigglers to fall to the ground. NOT great in the field. 😉 The difference between couch picking and Tactical Lock Picking; know how to apply your tools and skills in the field.


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